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100% Curious Family Experience: Day 3

Cultural stroll and discovery of the heritage…

At the mere mention of the Vendée, we inexorably think of these splendid sandy stretches, these forests of maritime pines and holm oaks, we are immediately plunged into an iodized universe, that of the open sea and distant horizons.
However, the history of this land deserves to be known…

For this reason, we wanted to offer you a vacation experience that is focused on history…

To begin this day, head towards la Roche sur Yon a city created by Napoleon at the very beginning of the 19th century.
We invite you to discover the National Stud. It is a place full of history whose mission is to promote the horse and equestrian art. Strolling through this wooded park is a true enchantment.

What you need to know…

Every summer, at the end of the afternoon, you are invited to attend an astonishing show that mixes funniness, emotions and technical prowess… Really, and it must be underlined, this show is a total success. Between the impeccable staging and the talent of the riders, you’ll come away happily shaken.

NB: The show is free for minors.

The animals of the place in La Roche sur Yon…

In the heart of the Napoleon square, the nerve center of the city, we find today 13 animals made of wood and steel, which are the pride of the Yonnais.
Many people opposed this project, but we must admit that the voice of these detractors has become inaudible.
This curiosity attracts tourists, delights children and the whole dynamic of the city center has been transformed.
To be done before going to lunch in one of the many restaurants near the Napoleon square.

An afternoon to remember…

To know everything about our department, the best is to go to the historial of the Vendée.
This museum which opened in 2006 is located in Les Lucs sur Boulogne.
You will leap 7000 years back in time and then go up the corridors of time… Progressively, era by era, until today. Soon, the Vendée will have no more secrets for you (although some remain well kept).

NB : To get there from La Roche sur Yon, allow about twenty minutes.

To finish this day rich in emotions, direction the Logis de la Chabotterie, a high place of the wars of Vendée.
It is here, in the wood of the chabotterie, that the epic of Charette ended, the one who carried the hope of the Vendéen people.

His motto: “Fought often, beaten sometimes, shot never”.

You can explore this site on foot or participate in an Escape Game “Charette and the Forgotten Treasure” to make the visit even more fun.

The most of the visit…

In July/August time for summer concerts
To finish this day in apotheosis, how about attending a jazz, flamenco or classical music concert in a sublime setting.
To give you an idea of the artists invited to this event, in 2021 the summer concerts welcomed Renaud Capuçon, Juan Carmona Septet or Kyle Eastwood Quintet…
Prestigious posters in a dream setting, it’s an idea to be explored to live a most romantic evening.

Tip: check out the program before you go and reserve your seats in advance if you want to have the opportunity to attend these concerts.

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