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Zen experience and relaxation: Day 1

DAY 1 : Around the lake…

Let us tell you about our territory…
It is full of unsuspected treasures and it would be indecent for us to keep these famous secrets to ourselves…
Perhaps you have settled in the Val de Vie without knowing that a few leagues from here, nature could be extremely generous.

For a first Zen and Relaxation experience, we offer you a very attractive program.
But first and foremost, as the saying goes, “preparation is worth action”.
For this day of dream it will be necessary to foresee :

  • a pair of sneakers
  • the essential sun cream
  • A cap, a bob or a beret (it doesn’t matter what style as long as you are comfortable)
  • A camouflage outfit (I can feel that you feel the scam!!!)
  • A swimsuit
  • Enough to feed you generously
  • Water and beverages of your choice
  • Top physical condition
  • Armbands for learn-to-swimmers and a lifebuoy

In the morning… Early (well, it’s up to you) and in a good mood!

Direction the Lake of Gué Gorand for an expedition that Mike Horn would not have disowned.
Far from the hustle and bustle of the seaside, you will enjoy a bucolic landscape to stretch your legs. It is a loop around the lake of about 4 kilometers.
It presents no difficulty and even strollers can be accommodated.
This is the perfect family outing. On the menu…
Trees and birds, an invigorating and striking calm.

Then it will be time to unfold a napkin and set the table…
And what could be better than a picnic in the shade of an oak tree to regain strength and enjoy this magical moment shared with the family.

In the afternoon… the adventure continues!

On the side of the Lake of Apremont and its base of leisure activities. You will be spoilt for choice.
In a sumptuous and inspiring setting, perhaps you will be tempted to read a good novel. And then why not take a dip in the fresh water.
Unless you prefer to visit Michel, the famous boat rental company…
Who hasn’t dreamed one day of waking up as Captain Cousteau and being at the helm of a magnificent electric boat?
Who hasn’t dreamed one day of being a triple Olympic champion like Tony Estanguet was in his kayak… At Michel’s, all dreams are allowed!

To finish this day of dream…

A stop at the campsite snack bar is a must. A little well-deserved sweetness break…
And then, we will be delighted to listen to your story and to share with you this first Zen and Relaxation experience. Indeed, in order to fine-tune our program “les vacances à la carte!” it is important that we can collect your impressions.

Finally, for the lucky ones who own the keys to a Premium mobile home, there will always be time to relax in your private spa… Before preparing a happy barbecue and thinking about the next day.

GITE 15-20 PERS.
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