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Planète Sauvage

Welcome to the magical world of dolphins and wildlife!

A unique experience awaits you at Planète Sauvage – combining the discovery of the most fascinating of marine mammals, to the crossroads of nature and its most emblematic animal species.

Take a trip around the world discovering more than 1,000 animals in the heart of a preserved natural space. Planète Sauvage, represents 250 species to be observed whilst traversing the vast plains as during a safari.

From the emblematic African mammals (lions, elephants, giraffes, etc.), to Mongolian yaks or American baribal bears, to the extraordinary dolphins of the Cité Marine.

Planète Sauvage immerses you in an extraordinary adventure! In the pedestrian part, discover surprising small animals and be the guest of a tribe of macaques in the heart of its forest!

Site: www.planetesauvage.com

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