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100% Nature Experience: Day 2

DAY 2/3 : Around Sables d’Olonne and the Veillon site…

For this second 100% nature experience, you will be amazed and discover some of the most beautiful sites of the Vendée.
A rich and varied program awaits you…
Perhaps it is better to spend two days there to fully appreciate it.
Take the time to take the time, this is a motto that fits perfectly with the idea we have of vacations.

Direction Le Marais Salant des Salines in Sables d’Olonne…

If you are interested in learning and discovering traditional trades such as that of the salt worker, this visit will satisfy you.
In the heart of the Marais d’Olonne, in a preserved natural setting, the Salines site offers several activities (boat, canoe or paddle rides, bird watching, Salt Adventure Park, meeting with a salt worker…).

If you have children we recommend a boat trip and a visit to the Salt Adventure Park. Along the water, in a sumptuous setting, with the sweet impression of being a privileged person, this trip will undoubtedly be rejuvenating.
The route is full of riddles, which makes it both fun and educational for children.
They learn about the history of the Marais, the ancestral profession of the salt marsh, and to top it all off, they participate in the “Magic Harvest”.
They accompany the salt workers, imitate their precise gestures and leave with the most beautiful souvenir, a bag of salt from their own harvest.

You will find all the information on their website

Visit one of the pearls of the Atlantic, the famous city of the Vendée Globe…

A few steps away from Les Salines, you can easily reach Les Sables d’Olonne.
You can start your visit to the famous resort by taking a stroll through the oldest and undoubtedly most emblematic district of the city, that of La Chaume.
This fishermen’s district has preserved its authenticity. A maze of narrow streets, small low houses typical of the area, numerous restaurants, all these singularities make this district occupy a special place in the heart of the Sablais.

Before reaching the magnificent seafront of Les Sables d’Olonne and discovering the embankment for a long walk along the beach, you can’t pass by the Penotte island without stopping there.

Penotte Island or the Lady of the Shell is the story of an artist who wanted to give her childhood neighborhood a new glow. In 1997, with the consent of the owners and the town hall, she began to create shell frescoes on the walls of the houses. This art of patience and precision have given birth to a work as remarkable as it is atypical.
Today, the people of Sablais are proud to talk about this open-air museum that stands in the heart of the city.

Small lunch break at the restaurant La Plage in Talmont Saint Hilaire…

Why there and not elsewhere, you may ask?
First, because this address offers a perfect compromise (good value for money)
Then, it is a strategic point to taste the rest of the program that we have prepared for you.

To know: the restaurant offers a sublime view of the Veillon site.

Let’s talk about the Veillon site…

We may be lacking in objectivity but we consider this site to be one of the finest in the Vendée.
How can you not fall in love with this dreamy setting? A paradise, I tell you!
Words sometimes sound hollow so… Let the pictures alone make your mouth water.

Our advice to discover the site…

Leave for 6 kilometers of happiness through the dune, the forest and the Marais du Veillon.
This hike is accessible to all and presents no difficulty (except for strollers, unplayable in the sand).

Departure from the parking lot of the Veillon Beach (You understand better why the restaurant La Plage was a good plan)

Duration of the hike : 1H45

NB: If you want to get a precise map and all the details of this hike, you can find it on the Visorando application)

When you come back from this magnificent escapade, you will only have to dive into the waves to refresh yourself… and look up to the sky to say…
“What a lucky guy I am, to be here!”.

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