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Commequiers bike rail

The bike rail station is located in Commequiers. The original station was built around 1890, with the aim of creating an SNCF style station made of bricks. It was located at the intersection of the destinations of Coëx – La Roche sur Yon, the coast of Notre Dame de Riez, Saint Gilles Croix de vie and Challans.

Later on, the importance of the traffic with the trains that transported fertilizers, cereals, building materials, coal and especially livestock required the installation of a hotel in a house built in 1895. This new hotel, located in front of the train station, is called “Hotel du chemin de fer”. In the same year, the creation of the station’s restaurant took place.

Closed in 1940, the line was put back into circulation during the occupation until 1970. It was again abolished and reopened in 1982. Currently closed, in the direction of La Roche sur Yon, only a section of the old line located between Commequiers and Coëx, has been preserved, it is now used by the draisines of the Vélo rail, for tourist use.

Come and live an unforgettable moment near the campsite

Today, the Vélo rail has acquired a station since the initial one is currently used as a dwelling house. It is a place where travelers cross paths: some buy their tickets at the ticket office, others return from an original ride.

The draisine allows you to move on the railroad. This vehicle allows you to carry out the inspection of railroads by transporting the technicians and the material necessary for the maintenance. These draisines use different forms of energy: muscular (arms or legs) or steam or diesel.

Today, the Commequiers bike rail uses 20 cyclos-draisines. The latter use the muscular strength of the legs of two passengers. They carry 2 to 4 people or even 5 people including 1 child under 12 years old.

Get into this atypical vehicle!

This route allows you to discover and enjoy the charm of the green coastline, the typical houses of the low bocage. The course starts in Commequiers, passing through Saint Maixent sur Vie and ending in the small town of Coëx. It is above all, very friendly, a good atmosphere throughout the course. The Vélo rail ensures you an original and friendly ride to share with friends or family!

You will cross the viaduct over the Vie, made of ramparts with rivets, like the Eiffel principle. A place where the rhythmic noise of the bicycle rail on the track and the torpor of this place so borrowed of quietude are mixed.

The “Vie” is a river in the Vendée that flows through the marshes. It has 13 kilometers of waterway. The origin of its name dates back to the XI century, “Via”, which may come from “Vigia”, wet. It is populated with white fish (Ablettes and roaches) and carnivorous (pike, carp, perch…)

After 9.8 kilometers on the railroad, you arrive in the town of Coëx. You will use the turntable to turn your wheelchair around and start your journey home.

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